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K12 Health is pleased to have the opportunity to partner with Kairos Public Schools to ensure that students receive the support required to be safe and healthy at school. Collaboration and commitment are critical to ensuring that students are safe and healthy, and have opportunities to achieve success at school. Safely meeting the health-related needs of students is a shared responsibility and we look forward to our relationship with Kairos Public Schools.


Here you will find information to help maintain a healthy and safe school environment for all students. This site is a work in progress and you can expect more information to be added as time goes on. If you have suggestions or feedback, please let me know.



Marianne Akerland, RN, PHN, CCM
School Nurse Consultant
K12 Health
Tel: (916) 623-5140 x 1


Immunization Requirements for School Entry


Your Child: Too Sick for School?




Medication at School

 It is the policy of Kairos Public School to assist with prescribed medication during school hours only when absolutely necessary. Medications should be scheduled so that they may be given at home, but it is understood that this is not always possible.


When it is necessary for your child to receive medication during school hours, the following procedure is required: 

1. A written physician’s order and parent/guardian authorization form must be completed for each medication order every school year.  In addition to the Authorization for Medication form, if the student will be self-carrying medication, a Self Administration form must be completed. An Allergy and Anaphylaxis Emergency Care form must also be completed if the medication to be administered is an EpiPen. These forms are available in the school Health Office and as links on this page below. 


2.  In order for a student to self carry medication, additional medication must also be kept in the Health Office.  This policy is to ensure the safety of our students in the event of an emergency.  An Authorization for Medication form and Self Administration form must be completed for a student to self carry.

2. All prescription medications must be in the original pharmacy labeled container with the student’s name, medication name, route of delivery, dosage, time interval of use and the current date. Prescriptions must include the name of the prescribing licensed California healthcare provider (if necessary, request a duplicate bottle from the pharmacist for the school). If any medication is not in the original container it, CANNOT be given.

3. Nonprescription over the counter medications must be in the container with the manufacturer’s original label and expiration date.

4. The first dose of any new medication must have been given at home before it can be taken at school.

5. Any change in type or dosage requires a new Authorization for Medication form completed. Discontinuance of the medication must be reported to the school immediately in writing and picked up by the parent/guardian as soon as possible.

6. Medications must be delivered to school by the parent/guardian.  Under no circumstances will the school administer medications brought to school by a student. Medication may not be carried in a student’s backpack unless they have an Authorization for Medication and Self Administration forms on file in the Health Office.

7. Medications will be kept in safe, appropriately locked storage unless otherwise indicated and arranged with the Health Office Clerk.

8. The parent/guardian is responsible for collecting any unused portion of a medication within one week after the expiration of the physician’s order or at the end of the school year. Medications not claimed will be delivered to the proper authorities to be deposed of according to community practice.


9. If the health of the child is substantially impaired because the medication is forgotten, or administered early or late, parents/guardians should keep the child at home or be responsible for administering the medication. Parent/guardian designee is permitted to come to school to administer the medication.

11. If the medication expires prior to the end of the school year or termination of physician’s order, the agreement between the parents, MD, and school is nullified until the school receives new medication.


Medication Authorization



Self-medication form

medical authorization form--