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Safe and Healthy Foods Policy

Safe and Healthy Foods Policy

Safe and Healthy Treats/Snacks Policy

       Effective November 17, 2016


Kairos Public School Vacaville Academy (KPSVA) is committed to providing school environments that promote and protect children's health, well-being, and ability to learn by supporting healthy eating and physical activity.


Given concerns about allergies and other restrictions on some children's diets, the following outlines expectations of our school community. KPSVA recommends providing non-food treats whenever possible to ensure the health, safety, and inclusion of all students.



If food is brought in for a specific classroom or school celebration, KPSVA requires that parents/guardians adhere to the following:


  • A teacher must provide expressed permission for food to be shared in the classroom PRIOR to food being brought to school
  • Food must be purchased in stores and may NOT be homemade
  • Food items must have a complete ingredients label
  • Food items are not allowed to be distributed to students until, minimally, AFTER the school's scheduled lunchtime or at teacher and school discretion


Teachers/Staff/Parent Organizations:


  • KPSVA acknowledges that using non-food classroom and campus rewards supports health curriculum and enhances school community
  • KPSVA encourages the use of non-food items (pencils, small toys, extra recess/art time, etc.) as a reward for students' academic performance, accomplishments, or behavior
  • If food must be used for a specific lesson, celebration, or activity, whether in the classroom or school-wide, consideration should be taken regarding dietary accommodations and potential and current food allergies to allow all students an equal opportunity to participate in the same environment
  • KPSVA encourages food to be distributed at the end of the school day.




  • Students should not share food or beverages with one another
  • Students with food allergies should not eat any food that CONTAINS ingredients they are allergic to, and they should not eat any food that has been EXPOSED to ingredients they are allergic to.


Note: This policy includes all food intended to be shared (birthday, holiday, reward, incentive, etc.) on campus during the school day, as well as KPSVA sponsored events outside of the school day, including parent organization functions. In an effort to include students with food allergies and other dietary restrictions, a concerted effort will be made to provide non-food items, or “safer” (nut-free, for example) or alternative food items which will be made available to all students. KPSVA also welcomes students with food allergies or other dietary restrictions to choose to bring their own safe foods so that they may attend and participate in the event.


Suggested Non-Food Items:


If you’re in need of some ideas of non-food items to provide your student’s class to celebrate his/her birthday, here are some child-friendly and economical suggestions:


  1. Themed pencils

  2. Erasers

  3. Stickers

  4. Coloring Books

  5. Crayons

  6. “Fun” items from vendors such as Oriental Trading Company

  7. Craft items

  8. Bubbles