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What People Are Saying

Caleb Hargreaves- My child has been attending Kairos for three years and we have been impressed with this school since day one. Kairos is not your typical public school. Parents are involved and it makes a big difference. The school staff goes above and beyond and it shows. We feel truly blessed to have Kairos as our local school and would highly recommend this school to active, caring parents who would love to be involved and participate in their child's education.
Tracy Ramos- 
My son has been at Kairos since the last half of 4th grade, he is now in 6th grade. We live in Fairfield and I drive him to and from school in Vacaville everyday because Kairos has been the best school my kids has ever been to. Being that my son is in Resource classes, he has exceeded tremendously with the help and efforts of the Resource team, along with all other staff. It's a small school that encourages parent involvement (which you don't see in most Middle Schools). The smaller class sizes, the inviting environment and the involvement in all staff members makes Kairos hands down the best Charter school in our area. You will not be disappointed by putting your child at Kairos. 
Christina Patterson
I can't say enough wonderful things about our families experience with KPSVA. Options on where your children attend school is so vital. Having this school available to us when our daughter left 6th grade was a game changer for her. She loved her middle school experience. She needed that one on one instruction and always had it here. As her parents that meant so much to us. Our son started at KPSVA in 1st grade. He has loved every year. Not just his teachers but to know he has bonds that will be created through junior high is pleasing to this mom. Our only hope is that this amazing school extends through 12th :)
Denise Salazar- 
Our youngest daughter has struggled her entire elementary school career with learning disabilities. She has been in IEP classes since the 1st grade and while she has had small successes in learning, there was never that huge leaps and bounds learning jump to celebrate. We felt they just passed her along for 4 years with no real intentions in her obtaining grade standards because of the extra funds the school received for her, as well as the rest of the entire IEP class. That ALL changed the moment we walked into Kairos with the thriving, enriching, love for learning, passion for teaching, environment they encompass and provide for students, teachers, faculty and parents! Our daughter has continuously been ,at minimum, 2 years behind in grade appropriate curriculum, but in the 1st two months of attending Kairos, she gained 2 years of learning and achieved grade level reading/comprehension and so many leaps and bounds milestones for us all to celebrate with her! We knew we where in the right place when in the IEP meeting, the teacher stated that it is her goal to work herself out of a job, PERFECT!!! Our ONLY regret has been we didn't give Kairos a chance a year earlier!
Erin Morrill- 
We've been with Kairos since it has opened. I cannot say enough how much I truly love and appreciate this school. The teachers are committed and devoted to these children. The staff is beyond amazing. My children go to school happy and come home happy. Kairos truly provides a sense of community that's not found in a lot of schools today. My children are thriving and growing into responsible learners and global citizens.
Shelley Kluz- 
We feel very blessed to be a part of Kairos. My daughter is extremely happy to be here and we love the positive atmosphere. I feel Olivia is receiving a high quality education with strong emphasis on character development without the price tag of private school. That is invaluable to us.
Jules Pennock Moore Jr.  
The school's vision is not only beneficial to the students but the entire community. Glad to be apart of this team.


Leah Petrillo Parker  
The continual pursuit for excellence in every area of a child's development is what attracted me to this school. The passion for better education and the willingness to be scrutinized for the purpose of conviction is what will make this school a leading school and the students leaders that will shape our future. In my opinion there is no better school out there right now
Patty Weaver Gauci  rMy Grandson just finished second Grade. The School, The Teachers, The Staff, and the Administrators are Top Notch. The Children at Kairos are not only learning more, They are being taught to care about each other and the Community. There are tons of Art, Science, Technology, after school Music, Instruments, Home work clubs, sports...ohhh Sports. What other Elementary school has their own teams. Jr cant wait to enter 4th grade to be on the Basket Ball team. ...Thank you Kairos for an Amazing First Year.


Renee Caulfield  
Amazing staff, Awesome school, & a plethora of activities/events/enrichments classes for EVERY type of student. If your on the fence....make the jump and be a part of this Wonderful school!


Dana Bell  I have seen wonderful changes in my son since he began attending KAIROS! So very lucky to have the opportunity to be apart of the KAIROS community.


Vicki Hopkins   Kairos is a school of vision building a community. There is implementation of action because of a dynamic community of informed doers" who believe nothing is impossible.


Jared Benning  
A fantastic school. It may be hard to get in, but well worth it! Great teachers, before and after school programs and more. I love that they make the parents participate as it forces me to be there at my daughters school and interact with the staff and students. Life is so busy for most people its hard to set time aside but its well worth it! I strongly recommend.