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Community Service


Kairos Middle School Student Community Service Guidelines



Performing community service is a wonderful way for our middle school students to contribute to and learn about the community.  The following guidelines are designed to help parents and students understand the procedures for performing community service and recording hours.



Please note the following two key points that are also mentioned in the general guidelines below:

  • If you are unsure if a particular activity is appropriate please contact the school Counselor or Administrator.

  • Please make sure your child has the event coordinator sign your student’s service hours form.  If the event coordinator is unavailable, please take a photo of your child at the event and submit it with your child’s hours.


General Guidelines


1. Community Service Opportunities

Students may earn community service hours at any event where they serve others within the community.  If a parent is unsure if a particular activity is appropriate he/she should contact the school Counselor.


2. Community Service Hours

Students should perform 30 community service hours in each school year.  

  • A minimum of 15 hours should be performed by January 15th.

  • The remainder should be completed by May 16, 2016.

  • Hours can be performed during the vacations.  Hours performed during the summer will be assigned to the following fall semester.


3. Recording of hours on the community service hours form

Community service hours forms should be turned into the School Counselor or the Front Office upon completion of hours.  

  • Event organized by the school: Students should take the community service form to the event and ask school event coordinator to sign it.

  • Parents take children to an event located within the community:  Students should take the community service form to the event and ask the event coordinator to sign it.


Note: At large events where the community/organization director is not readily available, students should take a picture of themselves at the event as proof that they participated in the event (e.g. wreath laying at Sacramento Veteran’s Cemetery).