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Parent Advisory Council

PAC Board Meetings

KPAC Board Meetings:  2nd Wednesday of every month @ 8:30am at KISP location. 

(Meeting Minutes will be posted below within a week following the meeting date)


*Year end 2016 planning minutes for School Year 2017-18 can be found here: MINUTES

*Quick Meeting to make board changes happened on 08.08.17: MINUTES

KPAC Board Meeting 09/13/17 8:30am Minutes
KPAC Board Meeting 10/11/17 8:30am Minutes
KPAC Board Meeting 11/08/17 8:30am Minutes
KPAC Board Meeting 12/13/17 8:30am


KPAC Board Meeting 01/10/18 8:30am Minutes
KPAC Board Meeting 02/14/18 8:30am Minutes
KPAC Board Meeting 03/14/18 8:30am Minutes
KPAC Board Meeting 04/11/18 8:30am Minutes




Kairos PAC Upcoming Events

Parent Committees

Committee  Chair/Co-Chair Contact 
Teacher Appreciation Committee (TAC) Tammi Stout & Magen Boykin (Patriot Pals) tac@kairospublicschools.org
Middle School Committee Adi Luna & Stacy O'Neal kpacms@kairospublicschools.org
Library Committee Andrea Hoffman-Miller & Chiantel Sexauer library@kairospublicschools.org
Fundraising Committee   fundraising@kairospublicschools.org
Events Committee (Fall Festival & DOG) Amber Johnston & Tiffany Guerra events@kairospublicschools.org
Volunteer Hours Courtney South parenthours@kairospublicschools.org
General PAC Questions   pac@kairospublicschools.org


President - Tiffany Leary

Vice President- Christina Patterson

Treasurer - Lisa Courtney

Secretary - Kelly Smith

Director of Affairs - Magen Boykin

General Questions

Mission of the Parent Advisory Council

The mission of PAC is to enhance the overall student learning experience by empowering and supporting KPSVA parents and school administration with assistance in planning, coordinating, and execution of school related activities.

  • Engage parents: encourage and increase family participation.
  • Participate in effective communication between parents and KPSVA teachers and administration.
  • Support school programs and activities through continued fund-raising.
  • Promote the welfare of our students in home, school, and community.
  • Foster a strong sense of community between home and school, so that parents and teachers may cooperate effectively in the education of our students.
  • Develop united efforts between staff, families, and the general public that will secure, for all students, the highest advantages in physical, mental, and social education.