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Parent Hours

KPSVA was created as a means of providing parents and students with an expanded choice in the type of educational opportunities available. The school is founded on the belief that active parental involvement in the school's program is a key component to student success. Because the charter's mission is to provide unique learning opportunities to its students, the school needs committed parents who are wiling to assist the staff and faculty in making this happen. To this end, the charter encourages that all parents agree that they will donate at least 30 hours a year to assisting the KPSVA in achieving its mission.

Parents' active participation has been essential to this program's success and is one of the main ingredients that makes our program different. The parent commitment can be fulfilled in many fun and enjoyable ways. Hours can be completed one at a time or in larger increments for a single event or fundraiser. However, KPSVA will not exclude any applicant or student from admission or continued enrollment in the Charter School or school activities whose parents/guardians are unable to fulfill the 30 hours of voluntary participation. 


1.   Each family is encouraged to  contribute a minimum of 30 hours by May 22, 2016.

2.   One-half of the minimum hours (15) are encouraged to  be completed by January 16, 2016.

3.   Families of new students (students who enter after the  1st quarter) will be prorated and are encouraged to contribute  15  hours per semester from date of enrollment. 

4.   Siblings are not allowed at the school event during parent volunteer time.

5.   If you are unable to work during your designated time, you should notify the advisor or the charter office and arrange for a substitute.

Parent Hours will be tallied and recorded at the end of each month on our online parent hours tracking system – PTO Manager. If there is a discrepancy in your reported hours, please contact the Parent Hours Coordinator via email. The correction will be made at the end of the following month and should show up on your online account once you log in.

Parents are encouraged to add their ideas and talents to a variety of aspects of the school program. It is the philosophy of KPSVA that parents should be a partner in their child's education. It is our hope that you will frequent the campus often to become familiar with the educational process of our program. If you are interested in parent participation opportunities, please contact your parent coordinator. Parent participation information is also available in the online school newsletter and in the office. 


Volunteer Builder Registration and Checking Hours

For Instructions on registering and checking your parent hours click here


Questions? Email parenthours@kairospublicschools.org


Parent Hour Form 



Parent Hour Tips

KPSVA Tips for Successful Parent Hour Completion

1. Always keep a copy of Parent Participation Records (PPRs) before turning in (office will not make copies).

2. Be sure that your PPR is signed by appropriate person in charge of event or donation before turning in your form.

3. Submit your hours as you do them. Don’t wait to turn in all forms at once.

4. Turn in half your hours by the January deadline and all of your hours by the May deadline. 

5. Difficulty finding hours to do? Consult these sources: The KPSVA newsletter, your parent class representative, attend KPSVA monthly parent meetings, check your email for opportunities!

Easy Ways to Earn Parent Hours

A. Attend monthly Beautification Days. Usually held on the KPSVA campus the first Saturday morning of every month from 8-12. You can bring multiple adult family members and earn 4 hours per person!

B. Attend monthly KPSVA meetings. You can earn 1 hour per month for each parent that attends. You can earn between 9-18 hours this way just for attending a meeting that you would want to attend anyway.

C. Get involved with your student’s class. You can chaperone, supervise the playground, help traffic flow, etc. 

D. Fulfill teacher donation requests and requests for assistance. You can find out about these opportunities via the PTO Manager email system or by reading the KPSVA newsletter.