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Dress Code Requirement


Student behavior is greatly improved, which leads to a more productive working environment, when a student is dressed appropriately for school. KPSVA has established a uniform policy that gives families flexibility with where uniforms are purchased. Appropriate dress is an important life skill a student needs to learn. A student will not be allowed to remain at school in clothing that is inappropriate or otherwise unsafe, offensive, or disruptive to instruction. Consequences for not wearing a uniform range from a simple change of clothing and/or detention to student suspension from school, depending on the specific infraction of school policy.

School uniforms can be purchased in stores (at the beginning of the school year) at Old Navy, Target, JC Penney, Sears, Walmart, FrenchToast.com and Kohls. Uniforms must be worn for the entire day.


Classroom teachers will monitor uniform compliance on a regular basis. Students who are not in the proper uniform may be provided a uniform for the day and/or be asked to call a parent/guardian to bring the proper attire or pick up from school for non-compliance. Frequent non-compliance may result in further consequences.



• Black/Navy,Tan jumper, skorts or skirts (biking-style shorts

need be worn under the jumpers and skirts to ensure modesty)

• Black/ Navy/Tan uniform shorts or pants

• Plain Black, Blue, Red  (any shade) or White collared shirt (short or long-sleeved)

• Plain Black, Blue, Red  (any shade) or White sweatshirt* or sweater* (uniform shirt must be worn underneath)

• KPSVA t-shirt and/or unripped (holes, fringed, etc.) jeans may be worn on Fridays. Jeggings are not allowed.

• Shoes with closed toe and closed heel

• Tennis shoes are required for Physical Education class

• Skorts, shorts, and jumpers must be no more than 3” above the knee



• Black/Navy/Tan uniform shorts or pants that fit at the waist (Note: Cargo pants or baggy pants are not permitted.)

• Plain Black, Blue, Red  (any shade) or white collared shirt (short or long-sleeved)

• Plain Black, Blue, Red (any shade), or white sweatshirt* or sweater* (uniform shirt must be worn underneath)

• KPSVA t-shirt and/or unripped (holes, fringed, etc.) jeans may be worn on Fridays. Jeggings are not allowed.


*Full-length zippered or full-length buttoned sweatshirts or sweaters are considered "jackets" and do not need to be plain-colored.



Pursuant to state law, footwear must be worn at all times. For safety reasons, flip flops, backless shoes, and tennis shoes with wheels are prohibited. Flexibility is given for the types of colored socks worn.

Repeated violation of the dress code(s) shall be considered disruption of school activities and/or willful defiance of valid school personnel authority. Appropriate consequences shall be specified and implemented according to the discipline policies and may lead to suspension, expulsion, or dismissal from KPSVA.