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Instructional Program

How Learning Best Occurs

KPSVA will develop a rigorous educational program with quality teaching that employs 
research-based and proven instructional strategies. A culture of high expectations will be 
cultivated and a commitment to the Charter School’s mission and vision, by all 
stakeholders, is essential. A small learning environment will be maintained and is central 
to implementing a successful multi-tiered program of supports for students. Teachers 
will engage in rigorous, frequent professional development and utilize data, on-going, to 
drive instruction. 
KPSVA believes learning best occurs: 
• Through active participation in thoughtfully organized learning experiences that 
meet actual personal and community needs; 
• With curricula that are interrelated and embedded in learning experiences; 
• Where structured time exists for learners to think, talk, and write about the many 
dimensions of what they do; 
• Where learners use, transfer, and build upon newly acquired skills and knowledge 
that connect in multiple ways to their immediate environment and the world at 
• Where every learner is a teacher--every teacher a learner; and 
• Where all learners are challenged, but secure enough to take the risks essential to 

Instructional Philosophy

KPSVA believes in the development of and focus on the whole child. The curriculum 
and instructional strategies will challenge students to think, inquire, and make 
connections in school and in the larger world around them. Interdisciplinary units are 
taught throughout the subject areas (English language arts, mathematics, science, social 
science, technology, the arts, and physical, social and emotional education). Thematic, 
inquiry based units of instruction focus on structured questioning methods that promote 
higher-level questioning and international mindedness, designed to encourage and 
enhance the student’s natural curiosity. 
KPSVA will not subscribe to follow any one educational model, but rather select and 
implement aspects of various research-based instructional models and evidenced best 
practices to incorporate into the curriculum, teaching strategies, and educational program. 
As such, KPSVA embraces the philosophies of classical educational models with a focus 
on 21st century communication and technology skills. KPSVA provides opportunities for                                                                               students to participate in challenging learning experiences in and outside of the 
classroom; and strives to offer students an educational program that is flexible, 
demanding, appropriate and exposes students to a global understanding of their roles and 
relevance in society. 



The KPSVA curriculum will be grounded in the Common Core State Standards and the 
Content Standards for California Public Schools for a college preparatory program and 
designed to meet the needs of a variety of learners. The transitional Kindergarten 
through eighth grade charter school will offer a rigorous standards-based program 
embracing the philosophy of core knowledge and classical education models. KPSVA 
will be committed to inspiring and mentoring all learners to become responsible, critical 
thinking global leaders. 
The founders of KPSVA understand the need for the Charter School to continuously 
focus on increasing learning and achievement. As a Charter School and a community of 
stakeholders, we are dedicated to implementing innovative approaches and interactions 
regarding student learning. We are committed to offering quality education for all 
students. Our successful record with charter schools over the last two decades provides 
concrete evidence of our ability to implement a culture of academic and organizational 
excellence in education. The KPSVA staff will be highly qualified and hard working. 
They will be a professional team exemplifying optimism for charter school opportunities 
and an unswerving enthusiasm to prepare students to be tomorrow’s leaders.

Understanding By Design (UBD)