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Jared Austin  Co-Founder/Executive Director Email | xt. 104
Patrick Broughton  Educational Services Director  Email | xt 110
Melanie Thomas Special Education Coordinator  Email | xt 101


Support Staff 

Anna Rivera  Executive Assistant  Email | xt. 103
Dianne Russell Speech Therapist  Email | xt. 223
Elizabeth Welch   Counselor   Email | xt. 112
April White  Administrative Assistant  Email | xt. 102
Shannon Wirth  Administrative Assistant  Email | xt. 109
Courtney South  Administrative Assistant  Email | xt. 224
Fernando Galvan  Campus Maintenance  Email
Mia Lewis  Night Time Custodian  Email
Debbie Lavin  Paraprofessional Email | xt. 226
Danielle Jenkins  Paraprofessional  Email | xt. 226
Ashley Barnes  Educational Specialist  Email | xt. 105
Elise Behrens Paraprofessional Email | xt. 226
Galila Kitzes Library/Technology Specialist Email Web Page | xt. 107

Faculty & Staff

Chelsie Fonseca/ Benita Corona Transitional Kindergarten (TK)  Email| Web Page | xt. 203
Taylor Goodrich  AM Kindergarten  Email | Web Page | xt. 207
Elissa Pulido  PM Kindergarten  Email | Webpage | xt. 207
Marivic Allender  1st Grade  Email | Web Page | xt. 202
Christine Zadnik  1st Grade  Email | Web Page | xt. 201
Emily Berg 2nd Grade  Email | xt. 209
Emily Orlando 2nd Grade Email | xt. 208
Chelsea Sveum  3rd Grade  Email | xt. 210
Alicia Nichols  3rd Grade  Email | Web Page| Remind | xt. 211
Beth Horant 4th Grade  Email | Web Page | Remind | xt. 213
Jackie Taylor (Ngo)  4th Grade Email | Webpage| Remind | xt. 214
Ashley Brodbeck 5th Grade  Email | Web Page  | xt. 222
Cathy Hays  5th Grade  Email | Web Page | xt. 216
Megan Zadnik Middle School Language Arts  Email | Web Page  | xt. 217
Patricia Hobbs  Middle School Math  Email Web Page | xt. 218
Aubrey Riley Middle School Social Studies  Email | Web Page | xt. 219
Michael McCollam  Middle School Science  Email | xt. 220
Leandra Freese Visual Arts Email | Webpage | xt. 215
Cassy Montell  Elementary PE/ Middle School Drama  Email | Web Page | xt. 225
Rick Tress  Middle School Technology  Email | xt. 221
Joseph Gatmen Middle School PE  Email | xt. 214
Carrie Pedersen Middle School Math Email| Web Page | xt. 225