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Mission & Vision

Mission Of KPSVA

Kairos Public School Vacaville Academy is committed to empowering a generation of learners to think critically, analyze and apply knowledge strategically, and utilize relevant tools to interact thoughtfully within a global community. 

Vision for KPSVA

Through implementation of a rigorous, standards-based educational program with high expectations of all stakeholders – students, parents/guardians, staff – Kairos Public School Vacaville Academy is committed to instilling a life-long love of learning to prepare its students for high school and lay the foundation for success at the most prestigious four-year colleges, universities, and beyond. 


Whom the School is Attempting to Educate

Kairos Public School Vacaville Academy will open and operate as a transitional Kindergarten through eighth grade (TK – 8) non-selective, tuition free, public charter school.    The only requirement for admissions is the parent/guardian and the student must indicate a solid commitment to uphold the school’s mission, vision and expectations.  Parent/Guardians and students understand and agree that in order for a student to achieve their full potential, all stakeholders – students, parents, and KPSVA staff – must be committed to the mission and vision and meaningfully engaged participants in the educational partnership.

KPSVA’s goal will be to create a small learning environment with 482 students enrolled school-wide in the initial year.  The objective will be to maintain lower than or equal to local average teacher to student ratios to maintain a small, personal learning community and ensure all students receive the attention and focus they need and deserve. KPSVA plans to open with two classrooms at each grade level, K-6 and an enrollment of 58 students in both 7th and 8th grade.  If demand warrants and the school can fiscally support it, the KPSVA Board will evaluate implementation of a transitional Kindergarten program.